Hilda Markson Gray
watercolour paintings

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Your work is beautiful. I love the soft edges you create. I am hopeful that I will be able to attend your classes.
Catherine Hunt - 10 Apr 2016
I love your work! Thankful that you shared this link with me. I studied Watercolour as a teen and always wished I could put on paper what I saw in my mind the way you do. Kudos!!! Faye
Faye dean - 12 Feb 2015
Delighted to have two of your paintings..Everytime I look at your painting"Binding Metamorphis" I feel uplifted and hopeful
Mary Morris - 19 Dec 2014
It has been far too long since we have seen each other, but every day I am reminded of you through the paintings hanging on our walls. Your work is so joyful and calming, and has real substance to it whether it’s the colour palette or images depicted. I truly enjoy all of your pieces, and am very glad I stumbled upon your web page!
Caitlin Gray - 16 Apr 2012
To Dear Hilda : I adore your paintings, in fact I have one of your compostions that I purchases at the annual Art Show of the London Brush & Palette last year. It is titled "Happy". I am looking forward to coming to your class here in Tillsonburg with our Bridge Street Artist in the fall. I am a member of this group and I have been to one of your workshops in the past too. 10 March 2012
Marilyn B. Malcolm - 10 Mar 2012
I love the way you see beauty in the world. It brings me much happiness to see it through your eyes.
Alaine - 17 Jan 2012
Thanks Hilda for demonstrating plein air painting to your adoring groupies in Amberly. I can understand your philosophy and artist statement so easily because your work beautifully shows them. Terri - Aug.2011
Terri Jackson - 30 Aug 2011
I guess I'm a bit biased, being your son, but you have beautiful vision in your pieces; thank you for sharing your vision with the world. Proudly your son.
Michael Gray - 2 Aug 2011
To Dear Hilda: When your work is put into perspective it is hard to believe that one person has done so much and added so much beauty to this world! Continue to bring colour and joy into our lives! Love from Anne
Anne Margrett - 2 Aug 2011
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